Hear from practicing radiologists, and those that support them,
on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently impacting their workflows,
and what considerations they would recommend for future deployments.

Led by Fujifilm’s Enterprise Imaging experts, this interactive panel
will provide unprecedented insights around the real-world use cases
of one of today’s most anticipated technologies.

Complimentary lunch will be provided

(space is limited)

Additional information on Fujifilm’s Lunch & Learn coming soon!

Because when you can see the whole patient,
you can treat the whole patient.

Discover how
Synapse® Enterprise Imaging
can redefine the picture of patient health for your organization.

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Discover how Fujifilm’s
AI-enabled platform
powered by server-side
informatics technology

will help healthcare providers
impact patient care,
improve workflows,
and drive new research.

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