RSNA 2018

Nov 25–30, 2018 | Booth #2545, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

Transform the Future of Patient Care

The healthcare industry continues to evolve, delivering a constant stream of new insights, innovations, and opportunities.

But beyond what's new, you need to know what matters—to you, your patients, and your healthcare organization. You need strategies to deliver patient value in an era of endless change. You'll find the answer at the intersection of passion and purpose, medical solutions and meaningful results, value and innovation. You'll find the answer with Fujifilm.

Fujifilm has been innovating patient care for over 80 years with a comprehensive, integrated, and expanding portfolio of imaging technologies, including digital radiography, ultrasound, healthcare IT, and women's health. And as we partner with caregivers to face healthcare's most pressing issues, we continue to accelerate innovation, delivering meaningful solutions that can help providers improve patient value and change lives.

Fujifilm RSNA 2018 booth visitors:

  • Explored a comprehensive clinical-imaging portfolio designed to help you achieve diagnostic accuracy, operational efficiency, and improved patient care.

  • Learned about advancements in digital radiography and pediatric-imaging diagnostics.

  • Experienced the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, healthcare IT, and enterprise imaging and new developments in radiology workflow.

Join Fujifilm to transform the future of patient care.

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Featured solutions included:

Digital Radiography



FDR Go PLUS's retractable tube column and quiet, compact design make it ideal for navigating busy environments. This portable DR imaging system displays images at the bedside in seconds for fast, comfortable, and precise patient care. Learn more

FDR GL panel at RSNA


The FDR D-EVO GL is the world's first single-exposure long-length DR detector. With easy patient positioning and rapid exposure time, it simplifies exams for the technologist while lowering dose and discomfort for the patient. Learn more.

FDR D-EVO Suite II with Auto-stitching at RSNA

FDR D-EVO Suite II with Auto-Stitching

FDR D-EVO Suite II offers a balance of automated and manual movements for grab-and-go speed and dependability. High-efficiency detectors and imaging software deliver outstanding image quality with low dose. Auto-stitching performs fast, consistent, and precise scoliosis and long-leg exams.

Healthcare IT

Synapse PACS at RSNA

Synapse PACS

Synapse® 5 PACS is a disruptive technology that sets a new standard for enterprise imaging. With a focus on speed and interactivity, Synapse 5 PACS provides remarkable on-demand access to massive datasets and the ability to immediately interact with the data. Learn more.

Synapse VNA at RSNA

Synapse VNA

Synapse VNA (vendor-neutral archive) was designed for true imaging interoperability to provide practitioners enhanced patient care across the enterprise. The VNA provides secure, easy-to-manage storage and access to the complete patient imaging record and links all HIT systems. Learn more.

Artificial Intelligence at RSNA

Artificial Intelligence

Discover how the Fujifilm artificial intelligence (AI) platform—powered by server-side informatics technology—will help healthcare providers impact patient care, improve workflows, and drive new research. Schedule a demo at the Artificial Intelligence Lab in booth #2545 to see Fujifilm's open AI platform and several AI algorithms currently being developed. Learn more.


SonoSite SII at RSNA

SonoSite SII

The SII empowers efficiency through an intuitive, yet smart user interface that adapts to imaging needs. The system is portable and can be used across multiple hospital environments, including a zero-footprint option for space-constrained rooms.
Learn more

SonoSite Edge II at RSNA

SonoSite Edge II

The SonoSite Edge II Ultrasound System offers an enhanced imaging experience through industry-first transducer innovations like DirectClear and Armored Cable Technology. It is designed to be truly portable and used in the most rigorous environments.
Learn more.
SonoSite X-Porte at RSNA

SonoSite X-Porte

X-Porte was developed to incorporate a breakthrough, proprietary beam-forming technology: XDI (Extreme Definition Imaging), created to reduce clutter and enhance image contrast. X-Porte was designed to have an intuitive touchscreen interface, real-time scan-along learning, and unmatched durability and reliability. Learn more

Digital Mammography

ASPIRE Cristalle at RSNA

ASPIRE Cristalle

ASPIRE Cristalle, now with digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), is designed to optimize image acquisition, regardless of breast composition, at a low dose. It helps deliver patient comfort with its patented Comfort Paddle and provides a scalable platform for future technologies.
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